Currently we offer four editions. Further more comprehensive editions are in development. The following table shows the main features of the various editions. There is only one software package installed on the computer. When installing more than one edition or upgrade, the relevant modules will be only enabled. The installation sequence is irrelevant.

  AME VE Lite Professional
Composite joints
Hollow section joints
Simple joints
National Annexes
incl. AME and VE
Moment resistant and
simple joints
incl. AME and VE
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  Free Free Licence from 490.00 € Licence from 1,480.00 €
Version 2.1.3 2.1.3 2.1.3 2.1.3
EN Eurocodes x x x x
National Annexes        
     DE / UK / AT / BE / NL / CEN - - x x
     FR (French NA) x - - x x
Global connections x x x x
Single user licence x x x x
Network licences - - x x
Software protection - - x x
Techn. support - - x x
Load cases 1+1 1 any any
Limited connection geometry yes yes no no
Open sections        
     ArcelorMittal catalogue (IH) x - x x
     User def. IH sections - - x x
     User def. L angles x - - x x
Hollow sections        
     EN 10210 + MSH - x x x
Composite joints x - x x
Hollow section joints - x x x
     Chord reinforcements x - x x x
Beam-to-colum configuration x x x x
Beam-to-beam configuration x - x x
Beam splice - - - x
Fin plate connections (simple) - - x x
Header plate connections (simple) - - x x
Web cleat connections (simple) - - x x
Notched beams x - x x
End plates (M-resistant) with 2 bolts per row - - - x
End plates (M-resistant) with 4 bolts per row - - - x
Moment rotation curve x - - - x
Welded connection x x - x
Beam haunches (top and bottom) - - - x
Column stiffeners x - - x
Column web plates x - - x
Costs Free Free from 490.00 € from 1,480.00 €
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Other features:

  • Available in English, German and French
  • Scaled 3D-drawings
  • Automatic data checks
  • Full calculation note (PDF), output language independent of user interface language
  • Integrated software updater

These commercial editions are protected and must be activated after installation. For details, see the installation instructions. These editions include 1 year maintenance (techn. support and all updates).