Concentrated expertise and support from the European steel industry

COP was originally developed jointly at the universities of Aachen and Liège (Belgium). The project leaders (Dr.-Ing. Klaus Weynand, at this time still senior engineer at the Institute for Steel Construction of RWTH Aachen and Prof. Dr. Ir. Jean-Pierre Jaspart, ArGEnCo Department of Université de Liège) are co-authors of Eurocode 3 Part 1.8. Meanwhile COP is being completely developed in our company, still in close collaboration with the University of Liège. 

As technical experts of ECCS TC 10 and CIDECT we are directly involved in the development of standards for the design of joints. Therefore the optimal implementation of the new design rules in COP was and is assured.

Our partners and experts

Prof. Jean-Pierre Jaspart
Dr. Jean-Francois Demonceau

ArGEnCo Department
Université de Liège


Dr. Stefan Herion

Center of Competence for Tubes and Hollow Sections
Karlsruhe, Germany