COP documentation

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Buying COP in 4 steps

With our webshop we would like to offer you an easy, fast and secure way to purchase the commercial editions of COP. The document shows and explains the complete ordering process to buy COP on our website. This way you can find out in advance about all the options you have when buying COP.

COP Installation Guide

The COP Installation Guide assists you, should you have any questions about the installation of the software. You can also access the COP Installation Guide in the COP Setup Wizard via the Help button.

Guidance for installing network licences

These instructions explain all the steps to install COP network licences. For this purpose, a network server and any number of local workstations (network clients) are installed. The network server provides the available licences in the network, which are automatically recognised by the network clients. COP network licences are only available for the paid editions COP Lite and COP Professional.

How to change the software protection type

The COP software is protected. Two types are available for software protection: “licence file” (software-based protection) and “dongle” (hardware-based protection). When you purchase a new licence, you select the type of software protection. The type of the existing software protection can be changed later. Here is a detailed description of how to change from the protection type “licence file” to the protection type “dongle” or vice versa.

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