We currently offer COP in 2 editions.

The following table gives an overview of the features of the different editions.

EN Eurocodes

National Annexes



IH profiles

User defined IH sections


CHS - Circlular hollow sections

RHS - Rectangular hollow sections

Joint connections in frame structures

Single-sided beam-to-beam configurations

Double-sided beam-to-beam configurations

Beam splices

Single-sided beam-to-column configurations

Single-sided beam-to-column configurations (column head)

Double-sided beam-to-column configurations

Double-sided beam-to-column configurations (column head)


Top and bottom haunches

Column stiffeners

Column web plates

Lattice girder

KN configuration

YT configuration

X configuration

KK configuration

XX configuration

Flange plates

Side plates

Simple connections

Fin plates

Header plates (flexible end plates)

Web cleats

Moment-resisting connections

End plates (moment-resisting)

2 bolts per row

4 bolts per row

Welds (moment-resisting)

Moment-rotation curve

Stiffness calculation

Connections for lattice girder

Welds in lattice girders

Individual, vertical alignment of the beam profiles

Define individual inclinations of the load-absorbing beams/struts

Load cases

1 Unlimited

Global administration of the connections

Global administration load cases

Global administration joints

Verifiable design note


English, German, French English, German, French

Language of the calculation, independent of the programme language

Scaled, fast-responding 3D model

Create own templates

Project preview while opening existing projects

Automatic data check and calculation

Simple, intuitive user interface

Tool tips

Guidance for the first steps
Expert tips “How to”

Integrated software updater

1 Year updates & support

The editions are subject to licensing and the licence must be activated after installation. For more information, see Licensing.

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