What is included ?

The purchase of a commercial COP license (LITE or PRO) includes access to the software and a one-year maintenance and support term. Maintenance and support services include free access to software updates, as well as telephone and e-mail-based support for questions regarding the use or installation of the software. Our competent support team speaks English, French and German.

After your maintenance and support period expires, you can continue to use the latest installed version on your computer free of charge afterwards. You can also extend your maintenance period to receive maintenance and support services for another year. If you decide to order this extension 1 year after your last purchase, it will cost you about 20% of the original license price, otherwise the price will be calculated automatically in our web-shop.

Only one software package is installed on the computer. If you install more than one edition or upgrade, only the corresponding modules will be activated. The installation order is irrelevant.

Which licensing model fits to my needs ?

We offer several license type as well as licence protection types.

License types

Single User

A single user license can only be used on the computer, where it is installed.


Network licenses can be used on multiple computers in your local network (once at a time).

Protection types


A license file is installed on the computer (or server in case of network license).


A USB-dongle is plugged into the computer (or server in case of network license).

Additional licensing information

License and protection types can be freely combined to best suit your needs. You will find more information about license activation in the Installation Instructions. Please notice that the software protection (license file) is bound to a certain computer hardware and therefore not usable in virtual environments. If you plan to use your license in virtual environments, you should go for the hardware-based protection instead or contact us to define an individual solution tailored to your needs.

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