About COP

Software for design joint in steel structures to Eurocode 3

What is COP?

Joints in steel structures - Design according to Eurocode
COP is a program for Microsoft Windows with which you can quickly, safely and easily create design checks for joints in steel structures. The calculation and design is carried out according to the EUROCODES (EN 199x), and here in particular according to EN 1993-1-8. National specifications (National Annexes) can be taken into account. 3 languages are currently available: English, German and French.

Simple, intuitive, innovative
The joints you enter via easy-to-use input masks are visualised in a 3D model. The data input is monitored at all times with a comprehensive data check and the calculation results are displayed immediately. In addition, the results are documented in a verifiable design note as a PDF.

Universal and individual
Benefit from a wide range of configurations, connections and cross-sections. Define the layout of your joint configuration individually and design your joints away from the standardised solutions!

Advantages of COP

Quickly to the result
Manage the connections globally! All connections are stored in a project-wide list and can be used in different configurations. In this way, COP simplifies the design considerably from a practical point of view and allows you to test different variants without losing the old solutions. You also do not have to search for application limits or for allowed edge or hole pitches of bolts - COP checks that for you. And with the help of the interactive 3D graphics, you can see down to the last detail what your joints will look like.

Well structured presentation of the results
Find the optimal utilisation ratio of your joints quickly and easily. Thanks to a well-structured, clear presentation of the results, you can see the potential of your connection at a glance. The detailed results are also automatically available in a verifiable calculation note as a PDF document. Do you work in international projects? No problem. The language of the generated design note can be selected independently of language of the user interface.

How COP could help you

Your traditional approaches are not working?
We have the solution! Thanks to an optimal implementation of the Eurocode, comprehensive databases and the possibility of defining individual joint layouts, the design of joints beyond the standard solutions is also a piece of cake. Two editions are available for this purpose.

You want to save time?
You can go from the idea to a verifiable design note in just a few minutes. Data checks are carried out parallel to data entry and calculation results are displayed directly. Create your own project templates - according to your needs. This way you can work on future projects even faster.

You would like to understand the behaviour of the joints in detail?
An interactive 3D model, a detailed presentation of the results and a comprehensible calculation note make it possible. The maximum utilisation factor, the relevant load case, the failure mode of the joint, joint classification, component resistances - with COP you have everything at a glance.

How to test COP for 2 weeks without obligation

Request your free trial version now!

Just convince yourself and discover COP in the free trial version.

The trial version is a COP PRO edition with a single-user licence that is linked to the computer and in which all features are activated. The test version is valid for 14 days. The trial period only begins with the first start of the software.

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